Admins have access, Registered Users don't  


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10/09/2018 1:12 am  

Hello, I installed Advanced Attachment and added the permissions to the forum users.

In testing, the WP Admin has access. But Registered users don't have access.

"Subscribers" are synced with "Registered Users".

Under user groups, I cannot set the ability to add attachments.

Under Settings I have Standard Access connected to Registered Usergroup.




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10/09/2018 9:06 am  

Hi deadrisemarket,

wpForo Spam Control has an option to restrict new registered users to attach files. There is a level (minimum number of posts) they must have to see File Attachment button. You can set this option value 0 in Dashboard > Forums > Tools > New Registered Users section.

wpForo cant attach file new registered userpng

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