How to Enable Guest Posting in wpForo WordPress Forum Plugin

Started from wpForo 1.4.4 version, forum administrators can allow guests to create topics and post replies. Here are easy steps to enable guest posting in wpForo forum plugin. 1. By default in all forums the Guest Usergroup has Read Only forum access. You should edit the Read Only forum access in Dashboard > Forums > […]

How to move wpDiscuz options using Export/Import tool

wpDiscuz gives you plenty of options for customizing. If you’d like to use wpDiscuz with the same configured settings on other website just follow to this instruction. Here are the steps of moving wpDiscuz options from one WordPress website to another. 1. Navigate to Dashboard > Comments > Tools > Export options admin page, click […]

Using Secondary Usergroups in wpForo WordPress Forum Plugin

One of the main advantages of wpForo forum plugin is the Secondary Usergroups feature. Using the Secondary Usergroups you can set more than one Usergroup to a forum user in user management pages, such as My Profile > Account on forum front-end and in Dashboard > Users > Edit User admin page. Granting multiple Usergroups […]

How to Disable Topics and Posts Moderation in wpForo WordPress Forum Plugin

wpForo comes with built-in Antispam Tools to control and protect your forum against spam. It also well integrated with Akismet antispam system. These antispam solutions set all suspected topics and posts “Unapproved” and let forum administrator moderate and approve those manually. However, if you want to get rid of the moderation step, please follow these […]

How to Setup a Private Forum Using wpForo WordPress Forum Plugin

Here are easy steps to setup a private forum in wpForo WordPress forum plugin. Saying private means it’s not accessible / readable for certain forum usergroup. In this example we create a private forum for Guest usergroup: 1. Edit a forum you want to make private,  set No Access for Guests. 2. Navigate to Dashboard […]

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