• wpDiscuz

    WordPress Comment Plugin


    wpDiscuz is a new interactive comment plugin. Responsive comment system with real time discussion function.

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  • WooDiscuz

    WooCommerce Comment Plugin


    WooCommerce comments and discussion Tab. Allows your customers discuss about your products, vote for comments and share.

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  • ACP

    Advanced Post Pagination


    Perfect solution to split a long post content to multiple pages. Allows you to put text and image in pagination buttons. 5 awesome button layouts.

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  • WooCS

    WooCommerce Category Slider


    This is the best solution to show all subCategory details on a Parent Category page. Different awesome slider layouts with subCategory details…

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  • APSW

    Author & Post Stat Widget


    APSW is an easy solution to display authors’ activity and popular posts with statistic information in sidebar widgets. Also it show graphical statistic in dashboard.

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  • WooPP

    WooCommerce PDF & Print


    Adds PDF, Doc and Print buttons on WooCommerce Product Page. Allows print and save product information as PDF and MS Word Document file

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Content Migration Services

  • Comments to wpDiscuz

    We can help to migrate all your website comments from hosted comment systems to WordPress/wpDiscuz self-hosted database. You just need to export your comments as a CSV/XML file from Disqus, Jetpack, Livefyre and other comment systems’ admin area. More info…
  • Shop to WooCommerce

    We have a very large experiance in any Shop platforum to WooCommerce migration services. We can help you migrate from all available eCommerce platforms to WooCommerce. Also we can migrate all data from other WordPress shop plugins to WooCommerce and vice versa.More info…
  • CMS to WordPress

    That’s time to migrate to WordPress!) We’re here to help you do that very easy, fast and without a headache. Our specialists migrate from all available CMS’s such as Joomla, vBulletin, Drupal and others to WordPress. Also we provide with plugin to plugin migration services. Contact us…


Plugin Customization and Integration

  • Plugin Customization

    If something doesn’t pass your website functions and theme layout, just request for a plugin customization quote. We work with our plugins, as well as with any other plugins.Contact us…
  • Plugin Integration

    WordPress has thousands of different plugins and sometimes you need to integrate two plugins with each other. We’ve already integrated wpDiscuz with lots of Profile plugins and are ready to work with other plugins.Contact us…
  • Plugin Development

    At gVectors.com, we are expert in WordPress extension development and customization services. We have extensive experience of developing custom plugins as per client requirements.Contact us…