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Hide the downvote button  

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To Astghik:

Is there any way how to hide even the negative votes (the number) from being displayed? We have a website where anonymous and unregistered people can comment and vote. Recently we started noticing trolls who voted negatively in comments using scripts. So, we have resorted to this Facebook-ish solution with only one thumb for positive voting. However, this hiding of the negative thumb via CSS doesn't prevent people from using scripted links to vote negative votes and when a single number mode is used in WpDiscuz, it affects the vote results, so people are confused when a vote number goes down even though there's no visible thumb down button. So, my idea is to use the two-number system, one number for +  and one number for - votes and then hide the thumb down button and also the number for negative votes. This way hackers can't manually affect positive thumbs using scripted links for voting negative votes.

So, if there's a CSS code for hiding this number, let me know, it would help me much.

Thank you.

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Posted by: @riogrande

So, if there's a CSS code for hiding this number, let me know, it would help me much.

Please navigate to Dashboard > Comments > Settings > Styling admin page put the following CSS code in the "Custom CSS code" textarea":

#wpcomm .wc-vote-link.wc-down{
display:none !important;
#wpcomm .wc-comment-footer .wc-vote-result.wc-vote-result-dislike{
display: none !important;
#wpcomm .wc-comment-footer .wc-vote-result.wc-vote-result-like{
   border-right: none;

Please don't forget to delete all caches and press CTRL+F5 (twice) on the frontend before checking.

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