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Clarification about Reputation Management system

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Hello All,

Could you please confirm that the Advanced Likers reputation management features works as follows:

Assume the settings in the attached image:

adv likers

Am I correct in saying that Advanced Likers counts votes regardless of whether they're upvotes or downvotes? So if a user got 200 downvotes and nothing else, they would be on Level 5 as shown in the image.

Or does Advanced Likers take [(total upvotes) minus (total downvotes)] to determine which Level a user is on.

In my opinion, it should be the latter example because it doesn't make sense to have a user with mostly downvoted comments but at the highest level of reputation.

Looking forward to any clarification.

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the addon works in the following way. It shows the reputation badge and title if the total number of votes is greater than 0. If the value is less than 0 e.g -1 or -100 doesn't matter, it'll not show the reputation badge and title. 

In other words, the result is a negative value it will give neither reputation badge nor title. 

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