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No pop-up window with all voters/likes of current comment

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Emin Khan
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Joined: 3 years ago

Hello guys,

I have activated the advanced likers plugin and i can't see the users who vote as in your presentation (see screenshot).

Capture d’écran 2020 05 30 à 12.43.22


I have a second problem too. I receive notifications when a comment receives a certain number of negative votes, which automatically puts it in moderation. Except that the notification email that notifies me includes a code that makes the url to see the comment unusable (error 404).

In the email notification I have my url of article;

This /%20target= is add so the link from the email notification drag me to a page of 404 error.

Can you help me please ?

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Hi @emin-khan,

Could you please temporary disable all cache and optimizer plugins and leave a URL to that page? Also, please make sure you use latest wpDiscuz and wpDiscuz Emoticons addon.

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Emin Khan
Joined: 3 years ago

Posts: 18

Hi @tomson

I don't have any active plugin optimizer or cache on my website.

for the url for exemple i have this : 

You have a new unapprove comment on the post "Report de l’anime DanMachi Saison 3".
Comment details:
Author: xxxx

When i click on the link it's drag me on this page :

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