Comments do not show for those who are not logged in  


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27/11/2018 8:48 pm  


After updating the plugin to version 5.2.2 users who are no longer logged in can comment but cannot see comments

Website affected:

Key Changes to CQC Regulation

However on version 5.1.5 this is not an issue and users who are logged out can comment and see previous comments:


How can you keep your relationship strong?

Is there any reason for this? We don't want to force our customers to sign in to view and comment but whilst this is broken we are forced to do this on one of our sites which is running the most up to date plugin.

Any help would be appreciated!

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28/11/2018 1:55 pm  

Hi chrisbeldam,

For further support please approve the comment made by gVectors support team.  

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28/11/2018 1:55 pm  

Hi I have now fixed this.

It was an issue with some css in the plugin assets folder

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28/11/2018 1:59 pm  

ok @chrisbeldam,

Thank you for letting us know. Glad to hear that the problem is fixed. 

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