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wpDiscuz issue with Comment Editing changing name of author  


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Joined: 2 months ago
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20/03/2020 2:05 am  

Hello! I'm working on my dad's website for him and we're having an issue with the comments. When we edit a comment, it's changing the author's name to "The Editors" (the name we're using for the editors) and just has "Author" off to the side in the author section. 

Please see the comment on this post for an example:

This comment was originally by someone named Eric P., but clearly his name is not displaying. 

Please let me know if you know of a way to fix this! I'm very new to wpDiscuz. Thank you.

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Support Team Admin
Joined: 2 years ago
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20/03/2020 2:26 pm  

Hi @magboy,

It seems there is some other plugin that caused the issue. You'll need to deactivate the plugins one by one and check after each deactivation to find a problem maker. 

Please do the testing and let us know the plugin that caused the issue. 

New Member
Joined: 2 months ago
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21/03/2020 5:48 am  

@astghik Thank you for responding so quickly! I did as you requested, and tested all the plugins, I was very thorough with it, but none of them seemed to be the issue. Is it possibly the result of anything else?

Here's an example of an edited comment that's working:


Noble Member Moderator
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21/03/2020 2:44 pm  


Please send the admin login details to info[at] email address to allow us to check it.