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I just loaded up the ad manager add on for the first time and I found that instruction on use are very skimpy.

For instance, when using Adsense, my ads were getting cut off. This took me almost an hour of editing and hunting around until I finally stumbled across the forum post that gives the custom CSS code needed to make Adsense ads display properly.

This should either be a default, be an option in the Ad Manager setup or at the very least explicitly laid out in an FAQ so no one has to hunt down this rather basic information.

Just my not-so-humble opinion.

Because I have to say, this plugin works well and integrates with Advanced Ads just fine as well.

No need to follow up, but I'm going to paste that CSS code right here:

Navigate to WPDiscuz>Settings>Style & Colors
At the bottom of that screen, paste this code into the "Custom CSS Code" box after anything already in there:

.wam-banner, .wam-banner * {
padding: 0 !important;

That fixes the Adsense ads and makes them display properly.


Kim Christiansen

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Hi @pixual,

Thank you for the information. We'll add this CSS to the addon in upcoming version.

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