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Contact Form or Contact Option

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As the description describes, this add-on can help create listing directories, etc. What is the best way to allow users or guests to contact the business?

Here are some suggestions:

  • Allow for a CF7 integration where we can fill contact 'send to' email information, then the contact form will generate a contact form at the end of the listing or as a sidebar widget for the designated topic.
  • Implement a way to apply a contact button that redirects the user to profile inbox using your inbox add-on. So at the end of the listing, the 'Contact' button will be available to click and the user will be redirected to their inbox with the listing user information prefilled in the 'send to' section. 
  • Yes, it's easy to provide the email link where users can click and have their computer email application open, but it takes away from the user experience of a 'directory' in which this add-on advertises. 

I hope there's a good solution, but all in all, this plugin is spectacular! 

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