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Topic tags imported (synced) from post tags  

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Hi there,

Is it possible to auto create topic tags based on the blog post synchronized with WPForo x-posting? If not possible, are you considering this for future release?


Topic Tags
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Also a wpForo option to restrict forum tags to existent portal tags. Or the opposite. Or to always synchronise them.

So many things have to be taken into consideration by Cross-posting, which is a marvel and a game-changer for the whole WP platform.

(other demands; synchronise the user if changed after cross-posting, synchronize the date of posting if changed thereafter, synchronize the smileys with wpDiscuz, synchronize the Like/Dislike with wpDiscuz, the private reply and so on)

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Hi @bdebruin,

Thank you for this suggestion. We'll add it in our to-do list. 

Thank you @usernamemi for all your help in gVectors community. We do all our best to make our products better.  I'm sorry but the tasks you've mentioned are not easy and cannot be done in such a short time.