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Julia Bausenhardt
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17/06/2017 8:25 pm  


I noticed that the media uploader seems to be very slow, not only with slightly bigger images (2-3 MB), but also with images around 300 KB. Right now it takes around 30 seconds to successfully upload an image, and the user gets no indication that something happens (except for the loading icon in the top right corner which I imagine noone will notice).

Is there some way to change this? I have disabled all plugins that could interfere with the uploader.

Also the preview images are appearing distorted.

Thanks for any advice!


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19/06/2017 11:25 am  

That doesn't have direct relation to addon. This process consists of three sub-processes:

1. Uploading (depends on your and hosting service inet speed)

2. Resizing (being performed by WP functions, depends on server performance)

3. Thumbnail crating (being performed by WP functions, depends on server performance and the PHP ImageMagick library. If this is not available on your server WordPress use GD library, which is very slow)

We can help to debug this issue. please leave some URL to allow us test it.