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Resizing media uploader questions

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I am thinking about installing the plugin and get one/some of the extensions. I am interested in the media uploader. I've read that it will automatically resize the image if a user uploads a large file - like 3MB. So my question is:

1) To which size are the uploaded photos resized. Is it a maximum size that I can choose e.g. 80KB or can I only define by what percentage eg. 50% the image is reduced? Is this automatically included in the extension? I don't want to install yet another plugin.

2) Is the resizing different with thumbnails and the actual photo? 

2) Do users have the possibility to delete their uploaded photo at a later point or do I, as the site admin, have to do it in case they want it removed?

3) I'm worried that people will fill up my space with large photos or is this nothing to worry about?

4) Anything I should know before I buy the plugin with media upload?? Is it worth the money?


5) Not related to photos but I ask anyways: Is there a possibility to only do thumbs up and not down?

6) Can you sort comments by "most helpful" or "date" - so that if someone would want to see the comment with most thumbs up, that this comment shows on top?


Thanks for any tips, help and infos. I have a foodblog and people are sending me their photos, which I then resize to about 50KB and upload in a section just before the comments. This is really tiresome.....

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Please find the answers below:

1. It compresses using a percentage (%).

2. The file size is reduced, and thumbnails are generated.

3. Users can delete their own attachments. Admins can do this as well.

4. The addon has an option to control the maximum size of uploaded files.

5. Just read the addon's description carefully.

6. Yes, you can disable it. Just uncheck the "Enable down vote button (dislike)". This option is located in the Dashboard > wpDiscuz > Settings > Comment Thread Features.

7. Use the 'Set comments order to "Most voted" by default' option. More information can be found here:

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