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Social Login Conflict with Ultimate Member Plugin?

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I love your plugin, but am having problems with social login (error messages below). If I disable Ultimate Member - Social Login extension then it works. Do I need to create separate Facebook/Twitter Apps for each plugin?

When I try to comment with Facebook, I get error:

UM Social Login - Facebook: SDK returned an error:
Cross-site request forgery validation failed. Required param "state" missing.
Redirect URL:
Login URL:


When I try Twitter, I get: 

UM Social Login - Twitter Access Token: 
Reverse auth credentials are invalid
Callback URL:
oAuth Verifier: TOd9hF3Vc6p72LrQYZv5zLOHUttWmJwG
Access Token: 
Has oAuth Token: No
Has oAuth Secret: No
Referrer URL: 
Landed URL:
oAuth URL:

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Thank you mdickerson,

The error says that param "state" missing. It seems something is wrong with the API configuration. Please check the steps and make sure, you've correctly done all steps. 

 Do I need to create separate Facebook/Twitter Apps for each plugin? 

No, I don't think you need to create Facebook/Twitter Apps for each plugin. 

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