Is Merging Multiple Forums Possible?  


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12/01/2019 2:41 am  

Is it possible to merge multiple forums into one single remaining forum?

I have 3 forums — two are extended and 1 is a Q&A forum — that I would like to merge into one. When I started my forum area, I thought having 4-5 different forums would be best for my customers. But, now I'm learning that they are more confused by the forum choices than they are relieved by the separation of forum topics. And my customers have no idea how to use the Q&A format, because not one of them has ever voted for a single answer. So, I'd like to merge all 3 into one single extended forum.

Is this possible to merge a Q&A into an extended? (since I have 0 votes, I don't have to worry about this voting data being lost).

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12/01/2019 12:46 pm  

You can create a general topic/parent category with Q&A layout and put all those forums under that category, however you cannot merge forums. The only way is manually moving all topics one by one from one forum to another.