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Failed Tag Updates

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I have many tags, im tyring to get rid of some, but the software is buggy.... ill give you an example

I have say 13 tags for Competition, and 15 tags for Competitions

I try to change "Competition" to "Competitions" to merge the tags and it fails every time. The only way to fix it is to delete the tag. But then I would have to add the tag to all of the links it has too. Can we have this sorted so it is easier to merge tags thats are pretty much the same?

I have tags that sre the same, other than the capital letter at the start. Is there no way to automatically merge those tags if they are created? 

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Hi @percysgrowroom,

I have added topic merge in our to-do list, so it will be updated in or feature releases.

For now you can only change the topic tag name to a new one which doesn't exist, that will change all topics with that tag name to the changed one.

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