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[Solved] Poll 1.0.6 giving error with wp foro 1.8

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Title ^^

It appears there is an incompatibility between wpForo Polls and wpForo (both updated to latest version)

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Please register some new testing user and send the user's login details with your forum URL to info[at] email address. 

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I was point blank told by wpForo (after upgrading) that Polls no longer "works" with v1.8.x - and it proceeded to disable the add-on automatically.

I would like to know when Polls will come back "on-line" and work with v1.8.x of wpForo?

Ashutosh Sharma
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I am also facing the same issue. wpForo is not working with Polls anymore. Please tell me how to fix it or come out with compatible update.

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@dlinstedt and @ashutosh-sharma,

The wpForo Polls addon works fine with wpForo. There are two things you should make sure are correct on your website:

1. wpForo Polls version should be 1.0.6 and higher and wpForo should be 1.8.2 and higher, please update.

2. The CDN and the cache should be totally purged, then you should reset your browser cache on forum front-end by pressing [CTRL] + [F5], if you're using Safari/Mac press [CMD] + [ALT] + [E].


In 99% all issues are fixed after this. If somehow you still have some issues, please don't mix topics, just open a separate topic, leave a screenshot of the issue and a direct link to the forum where we can debug and find the issue.

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