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Do you realize that the question for voter visibility has the highest demand since almost 5 years and nothing has happened? What options do we have?

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Julian Clamer
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I have seen multiple posts where you promose to take it into consideration but obviosly you have not. You also don't explicity mention this crucial missing feature on the buy page and since you don't agree to any refunding users are trapped.

You wrote that one can read the data off the database - that is just half correct. You can see who participated but you cannot see who voted for what.

What options do I have? Should every buyer that needs this option just pay for custom code or are you willing to provide this feature soon? It is obviosly not a very big problem to acutally make it work. Why are you not doing it? 

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Hi @julian-clamer,

I'm sorry, but the question for voter visibility doesn't have the highest demand. We have feature requests with dozens of requests and our to-do list is full for next many months. In addition, we're currently working on the wpForo 2.0.0 major version release. We can do nothing until the v2 is not released.

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