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Missing comments when posted to Q&A forum But not if posted in a different forum.  

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 More strange behaviour going on.

When I cross post to the Q&A forum, I lose the last few comments and the end of the thread.

Page 2 of the cross posted thread is shown but it is empty.

However, if I re-assign the cross post to a standard forum, all my comments are shown correctly and none are missing.

Image attachment 1 shows the end of my first page when posted in the Q&A forum, showing the link to page 2.

Image attachment 2 shows the empty page 2 in my Q&A post with no comments showing (there should be 2 further comments here.

Image attachments 3 & 4 shows the exact same thread pages, but the original post has now been cross posted to a standard forum where they display as they should.

Why would my crosspost not show all replies when posted into the question portion of wpforo, yet post all replies correctly when crossposted to a standard forum?

comment page 1
comment page 2
capture 3
capture 4
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Support Team
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Please try to delete all caches. Navigate to Dashboard > Forums > Dashboard and click on [Delete All Caches] button:

wpForo Delete All Caches