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[Solved] Cross Posting from a FooGallery page to wpForo Forum

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Is there a way to have the wpForo Cross Posting plugin work with the source post being within the FooGallery plugin? I'm trying to get the 2 to work together.

Put simply I have used FooGallery to create a photo & video gallery (thumbnails) that when clicked will open up the full sized video or photo, either embedded within FooGallery or an image attachment page or custom URL. I'm not fussed about which option - whatever will work.

The window that opens will feature:

  • the full sized photo or video
  • the title
  • description
  • social media links
  • provision for comments #

# this element is to auto-cross-post to the forum pages with the photo/video, title, description & comments to appear as a post there.

Comments on either the gallery or forum section will be shared across both pages.

Have others done something like this & how?

wpforo crosspostingmenu
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Hi @westats,

please navigate to the addon setting page: Dashboard > Forums > Settings > Addons > Cross-posting and make sure the cross-posting is enabled for your plugin content type. The option name is "Enable cross-posting for post types".

wpForo Cross Posting Enable for Post Types
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All sorted. Thank you.

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