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17/07/2019 5:06 pm  


I hope you'll consider switching to svg icons. I recently upgraded my custom theme from Font Awesome 4 to 5, and I discovered that FA 5 does not work with GDI. GDI is enabled by default when using Chrome on older operating systems, such as Windows XP through Windows 7. Font Awesome has known about this problem for more than a year, but they do not consider it a priority. I disagree since icons are needed for basic website functionality in many cases. Here's more information.

I changed all my theme icons to svg. It's very easy to do. Font Awesome also has a feature where you can use javascript to automatically switch all icons to svg, but it messes up the formatting with wpDiscuz (particularly when one icon changes to a different icon upon click).

There are many articles online explaining why svgs are superior to icon fonts.

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Hi @matt,

Thank you for providing the information. We really appreciate you taking time and share your idea.

I hope you'll consider switching to svg icons

Sure, we'll take into consideration for future updates. 

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