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Couple of issues with new version

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Hey guys,

I updated the plugin and I am genereally pretty happy with the update but noticed a couple of things that need to be addressed, I think:

  • When reloading a post, the wpDiscuz throws three errors in the browser console:
  •  I have activated the notification bubble, but it is nowhere to be seen on my website. 

  • It seems that the CSS for the MyCred ranks and badges has been forgotten. Rank is not displayed at all and it looks really weird on mobile in general. 
  • Frontend moderation is a bit annoying as the hover form vanishes as soon as you move the mouse cursor slightly to the right. 
  • The comment form itself (not the existing comments) does not have a headline. Is there a way to change that?

Best wishes and looking forward to your reply


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Hi @johannes,

We're closing this forum for the free core wpDiscuz plugin. Please transfer your topic to wpDiscuz support forum:

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