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Comment form is missing  


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14/05/2019 1:47 am  
Posted by: Tom

Hi maneperson,

could you please let me know what plugin you're talking about?

If you mean wpDiscuz, please navigate in Dashboard to Comments > Forms and edit the Default Form then enable this form for Pages.

wpDiscuz custom post type settings

Hello there

I was having the same issue but I did check off the page in the form setting (screenshot attached). However, it doesn't work. I am using Xtheme and their support told me it's not a theme issue. 

Could you please help?

Screen Shot 2019 05 13 at 4.39.57 PM

I only have this weird box in the backend, that is useless, different from what I have in the posts which is correct. 

Screen Shot 2019 05 13 at 4.45.41 PM

thanks Smile

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14/05/2019 12:11 pm  

Hi @boundless,

For further support please check the points mentioned in this doc and leave some feedback for each points: