Comment Form does not appear despite all related settings  


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15/02/2018 3:47 am  

Hi gVector Team & Community,

  1. I want the Comment Form to appear for each post by default and I do not want to allow my users to disable the comments.
  2. I've enabled commenting in WordPress Settings >> Discussion >> 
  3. I've enabled the Default Form in wpDiscuz for all post types
  4. STILL, By default the Comment Form doesn't appear.
  5. I can go to "Quick Edit" and enable commenting BUT that checkbox remains un-checked by default. 

Any help?


Khalid Mian

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15/02/2018 3:36 pm  
Hi Khalid,
Please read this support topic again:
Also, please make sure your theme supports default comment functions, wpDiscuz is being loaded through <?php comments_template() ?> function of template files 
may be the current active theme has been developed without keeping WP Codex.