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[Solved] Change Loginform possible?  


Susana Hernandez
Member Customer
Joined: 10 months ago
Posts: 4
25/01/2020 10:32 pm  

Hi all!

Now the plugin comes with the possibility to change most forms in your ouw language. And that´s a good thing!

Only thing I am not able to change is the login/register which comes when I place the shortcode on my page.

chrome FtudOpKOZP


It´s by default in English and I would like to adjust this text.

Is that possible?



This topic was modified 9 months ago by Susana Hernandez

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Support Team Admin
Joined: 6 years ago
Posts: 3259
26/01/2020 9:56 am  

Hi @susana-hernandez,

wpDiscuz doesn't have any login form. Are you talking about the link to login form? I don't even see wpDiscuz comment system on your screenshot, what screenshot is that?

Susana Hernandez
Member Customer
Joined: 10 months ago
Posts: 4
26/01/2020 4:17 pm  


I dó apologize. This question was for WP User Manager. I posted it at the wrong site.

Ypu can close it!. Sorry.

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