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Multiple forums on the one wordpress site ?  


Member Customer
Joined: 1 year ago
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03/07/2019 5:06 pm  

Hi ,


im building a forum , getting closer to launch . In the drop down menu at the top , is it possible to have multiple seperate forums , one for each page ( upto 4 total ) for different catergorys ?

Support Team Admin
Joined: 3 years ago
Posts: 4532
04/07/2019 12:05 pm  

Hi @rixbea,

I think in this case you should use the wpForo Shortcodes. Here is the doc:

It should be warned that pages with custom shortcodes are not separate forums, they are just a list of current view but all content is linked to the main forum page and being opened under Base Forum URL/Slug.

Member Customer
Joined: 1 year ago
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06/07/2019 2:17 am  

if we require further addons/plugins to boost our site & potentially your business , can you give me approx costs , agreements or how we can communicate & likelihood of further enhancements & features that can be developed?  we have looked at but yours is set up good & well planned for wordpress to get us started well . 


Potentially we will have 1+ million people on our site in total registered in the future , this a  Team Management & leadership program Project ( game in the world ), so its not linked to thier website in anyway . There's approx 5 million graduates in the world,  as its global Professional/personal development course provider within business & life 


Rix ward

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