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Today, on 01.20.2020 we’re excited to release wpDiscuz 7 Beta 1 into the wild!
The version 7 has been in development since December 2018. About one year of hard work is ready to be tested. It’s hard to believe it’s been so long since our last major v5 release, but sometimes good things are worth waiting for.

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Different User Registration  


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11/02/2019 5:55 am  

Is there a way to create two classes of users in wpforo? For example, I am building a site with "trainers" and "users". The site is supposed to help users find the right trainers for them. Both classes of users need to complete a separate registration process and answer separate questions to build their profiles.


Thank you

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11/02/2019 2:53 pm  

Hi @planetpos,

I'm sorry, but there is no way to do it yet. This is already in our to-do list for the wpForo – User Custom Fields add-on. We're going to add such a feature in this paid add-on soon.


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