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[Solved] Adding topics in sub forums  


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05/04/2019 2:48 am  

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hi, I have made sub forums, but, it seems as if members can add topics to the bottom of them, rather than going into the sub forum they need. I don't want them to be able to outntopics here, can it be prevented? 

I hope this explains what I mean. 

I don't want members to be able, to make topics in some subsections, but let them start topics in the right places.... difficult to explain sorry, I hope ou can help


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05/04/2019 11:52 am  

Hi @percysgrowroom,

Please follow the steps below:

Step 1: You should use wpForo Usergroup system. Especially Secondary Usergroups. Thus you need to check out the doc for wpForo Usergroups and Permissions:

Step 2: wpForo forums have permission settings in the Edit Forum screen. Edit the forum and use these settings to control Usergroup accesses and privileges in that forum. Each Usergroup has some Forum Access set in each forum. For example, The Registered Usergroup ( Subscriber User Role) has Standard Forum Access by default in all forums. You just need to set Read Only forum access for Registered usergroup that forum. Then navigate to Dashboard > Forums > Dashboard and click on [Delete all caches] button.

Step 3: Understand the Forum Accesses. Forum Accesses are set of forum permissions. For example, you just selected "Read Only" access for Registered usergroup. You can find all permissions of Read Only access in Dashboard > Settings > Forum Access > Read Only (edit) screen. You can see that "Can create topic" and "Can post reply" permissions are disabled for this forum access. So your users with Registered Usergroup (Subscribers) will not be able to post create a topic or reply in that forum.

Step 4: Secondary Usergroups have the same power as the Primary Usergroup. It allows setting multiple Usergroups to the same user. For example, if Usergroup A has access to Forum A and Usergroup B has access to Forum B and you want User AB to have accesses to both Forum A and B you should set User AB primary Usergroup A and Secondary Usergroup B or vice versa.

A lot of useful information can be found under "secondary usergroup"  and '' Forum access " tags here:


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Awesome thank you, I'll look into this, I appreciate your time, thanks again