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[Closed] phpbb to wpforo migration - bbcodes problem

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we recently migrated older phpbb forum to wpforo. However I can not find any way to convert bbcodes used in the phpbb to something that works in wpforo. Am I missing something or is it just not possible? Is there any addon which supports bbcodes or anything similiar which would help? I need to create custom bbcodes.


Thanks for any help.

Posted : 15/08/2022 1:50 pm
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Hi @stolo93,

your question is related to wpForo not to wpForo addons, we provide here wpForo addons Support not for the main plugin, and I have also seen that you have created a similar topic in wpForo community.

I will close this topic, for any support related to wpForo plugin please ask them at

Posted : 15/08/2022 3:43 pm
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