Feature Requests: Daily Limits on Points and Others  

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More suggestions. Would be glad if you can consider.

Request 1:
option to put daily limits to how many times a user can earn points for a specific action (see default mycred hooks for how they implement theirs). For example limit users to only be able to earn points from voting 10 times a day. any other vote will not earn points after the daily limit is exceeded. similar limits for likes, comments, posts and wherever such limits make sense

These other requests are not really exactly for the mycred addon, just requests for the Q n A

Request 2:
option to allow correct answer or answer with the highest vote to appear at the top of answers to a question. if more than one answer is marked then sort them according to number of votes. Sort the whole list based on the number of votes with highest votes at the top (like stackoverflow)

Request 3:
disable voting on the question, only vote on the answers