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There is a model for how to do this and it is called a blog post...

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Janet Burson
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Frankly, I am simply stunned. Bugs are one thing. A product design that misses at least 50% of it's basic rationale is an epic fail.

The Internet is a visual medium. I say this as someone who writes extensively and is working on a forum project for writers. But we still need top-notch support for visuals.

I simply cannot comprehend why, after paying extra for the privilege, that we cannot size and position any image as we wish, and flow text around it properly. This is fundamental to how WP operates and by failing to support this functionality in an intuitive way, you have made this plugin useless from the outset.

Secondly, but probably even more important, why can't you get your minds around the fact that every forum and every topic should be able to have a featured image, of a fixed size, such that "indexes" of forums and topics are not dry lists of text, with those images displayed nicely?

The picture IS the thing and it drives reading. No one gets any points for trying to be the anti-Facebook.

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Martin has already contacted you via email. Please check your emails.

Thank you.

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