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[Solved] Registered users unable to post pics - please help  

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wpforo advanced attachment 1 registered user


About 1 week ago I purchased the advanced attachments plugin for wpforo.  I installed it on a test site (subdomain) and we recently transitioned the subdomain to be our new main site.  Before the transition everything was working well, but now registered users are not able to upload images?
Here's a link to our forum page -  https://cmerdc.org/community/
As you'll see from the image in the attachment, I've checked the appropriate boxes for the "registered" user to be able to post images, but no luck.
I'm using wpforo version 1.6.2 but Advanced Attachments version 1.3.3 
I've tried to update the plugin, but no luck with that.  
I would appreciate any help you can provide in getting this working again.
Thank you!
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Hi @peigen,

wpForo has a built-in spam control system. It controls newly registered users and allows to attach a file and attach link when the user has X number of approved posts. Please manage this setting in Dashboard > Forums > Tools > Antispam > New Registered user section. 

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Thank you so much - that was the issue and it's working well now.

Have a great day!

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