Need captions for images and description text in the lightbox PLZ!!!  


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14/02/2018 12:55 am  


Please add to images a text inside lightbox per each image. This is pretty much a standard for slideshows/lightboxes and makes for better User Experience.

Also, need the ability to add captions into inserted images, but most important is a descriptive text for the lightbox, even if it is taken from the Title of the image. 

I understand one can manipulate the shortcode to control Title text so maybe there's a way better, as no one knows this esp not forum users.

For SEO it is important to be able to change alt, not just title tags of an image. 

Best is to add some field/s while uploading an image, so can change file slug and add a custom alt/title/caption text.




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14/02/2018 1:38 pm  

We'll add titles in lightbox in next version. But adding titles and alts are being automatically based on fine names. Also as I've already mentioned you can set title attribute in shortcode, this is the only way to set custom titles, other options are not planned in near future releases.