Image Title and Alt Tag issue: If attach a few images in single shortcode  


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14/02/2018 12:37 am  


I noticed today that when I attach multiple images in one go to be inserted into forum post, not single ones every time between the shortcode, then all images get the same alt and title tags as first one I added to insert into post [reply/answer]. 

If I add one single image at a time and then write text and add another image this does not happen.


2018 02 13 wpforo attachments addon issues 01b
2018 02 13 wpforo attachments addon issues 01
2018 02 13 wpforo attachments addon issues 02

How to resolve this issue? A bug I assume.

It is happening on this post as well. Hove and you'll see or look at source code.

TERRIBLE for SEO this. 


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14/02/2018 12:45 am  

We already know about this issue. please insert files into editor separately until the next version release. Also please follow to this topic. Please don't duplicate the same issue report.

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17/10/2018 7:19 pm  

I got the same problem..!#post-15

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