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Enhance Advanced Attachements; Include Automatic File Resize of uploaded Image file

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Hi is it possible to consider enhancing the advanced attachments plugin for wpforo.


Currently, all you can do is set the image dimensions e.g 1280x1024 and  a file size limit e.g 2MB that user may upload.

Requested Enhancement

The key one here is image filesize, all that does is inform a user that the file they are uploading must not exceed that size limit. If they try to upload a 4MB file it just states that their file size is too big. They then have to figure a way to resize their image for upload. Not many users are savvy enough to do this, but most can't be bothered, and I don't blame them. In some cases people go elsewhere due to what they see as an archaic system of file attachment management.

This is not really acceptable these days and what should happen is the image is automatically resized for them. Many forum software packages do this, even ancient ones, so it's not a wild or crazy request.


This problem comes up time and time again, it did again just yesterday. Surely I can't be the only one who wants this feature. If I am then I guess I can see what you would ignore it. Many of my members and potential members get really fed up with having to manually change their image file before uploading it.

Don't get me wrong, I love Wpforo and have been using it since 2016. I have almost all the plugins but this feature to my mind would make wpforo superb! I appreciate it might take some thought to implement the feature, but please give it some thought.


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Hi @radiostv,

Started from the version the main image will be compressed before inserting into disk space. This will allow reducing the disk space. So you can simply increase the "Maximum File Size" option, as, in any case, the size of the image, will be reduced.

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