User Icons all the same!  


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04/11/2017 1:54 am  


My website is

We use wpDiscuz and the wpDiscuz Widgets.

We use the widget twice.

The first use shows all recent comments.

The second use shows the most active commenters.

If you look on the website you'll see that the recent coments widget shows ALL IDENTICAL user avatars. Which user avatar it is alternates, but it's always 1 avatar for ALL user comments.

The "Most Active Comenters" page of the widget works fine, as you can see below the recent comments widget. Further, in all the comments, the avatars all show correctly. It is only the "Most Active Comenters" page of the widget that doesn't work.


Thank you.


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04/11/2017 12:49 pm  

I'm sorry but i don't see such problem. Please leave some screenshot.