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Extra parenthesis causing styles not to load when editing comment forms

Communications Wikimedia Foundation
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We're hosting a WordPress site on Automattic's VIP Go service. They use a concatenation untility to combine JS and CSS files. In working on an issue where the comment form editing interface was not loading a CSS file properly, we discovered an extra parenthesis in the following file. 

On line #416 of wpdiscuz/assets/css/wpdiscuz-options.css you will see the following.

.wpd-enabled{background-image: url('../img/editor/active.png)');}

I wanted to make a note here so you all can fix it. 🙂 

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Hi @communications-wikimedia-foundation,

This will be fixed in the next version update.

For further support please open a new support topic in the support forum. This is the gVectors support forum. Here we only support the wpDiscuz paid addon.

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