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User Follower specific question  


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25/08/2019 2:22 am  

Hello, I would like to list/show all the usernames following a certain user (the author of a post). I want to hook into your plugin data from the content-single.php that creates every post. How can I achieve this? Specifically, I found the functions that I would need to tie into in your /wpdiscuz/includes/class.WpdiscuzDBManager.php:

public function getUserFollowers($userEmail) // returns users that follow userEmail from followUsers table

I know I can use something similar to your /utils/layouts/follows/follows-page.php to display the usernames. But how can I tie into this table to retrieve the data from outside your plugin? 

Also, I want to be about to use the follower (bell symbol) on the same content-single.php, so that other users can follow the author (and subscribe to their comments). I know I can use this from class.WpdiscuzDBManager.php:

public function addNewFollow($args) // adds new follower into followUsers table

and this from class.WpdiscuzWalker.php:

$commentOutput .= '<div class="wc-comment-author ' . $uNameClasses . '">' . $user['authorName'] . '</div>';
if ($args['can_user_follow'] && $args['current_user_email'] != $comment->comment_author_email) {
if (is_array($args['user_follows']) && in_array($comment->comment_author_email, $args['user_follows'])) {
$followClass = 'wc-unfollow wc-follow-active';
$followTip = $this->optionsSerialized->phrases['wc_unfollow_user'];
} else {
$followClass = 'wc-follow';
$followTip = $this->optionsSerialized->phrases['wc_follow_user'];
$commentOutput .= '<div class="wc-follow-link wpd-tooltip-right wc_not_clicked ' . $followClass . '">';
$commentOutput .= '<i class="fas fa-rss" aria-hidden="true"></i>';
$commentOutput .= '<wpdtip>' . $followTip . '</wpdtip>';
$commentOutput .= '</div>';

Any help is appreciated. I really like your plugin setup and want to take advantage of the functionality and data.


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