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Sometimes Comments are not visible in wpDiscuz  


Hamidreza Shaabani
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31/03/2020 7:24 pm  


We use wpdiscuz v5.3.5 in our website and sometimes comments are not visible below the post and resetting page cache or changing status of one comment in that page fixes the problem

( we use LiteSpeed Cache v2.9.9.2 plugin for caching )

Most of the times it happens when we are not attempting to accept new comments in wp-admin

for ex. first in the mornings

When we attempt to accept new comments we don't have this problem

Is there any solution to fix this problem permanently ? 

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01/04/2020 3:48 pm  

Hi @hamidreza-shaabani,

This is a conflict with LiteSpeed Cache plugin. 

It will be better if you contact with LiteSpeed Cache plugin support and let them know about the issue.