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wpDiscuz duplicate comment (content) feature suggestion

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wpDiscuz plugin is a great way to get answers from users and with the vote-up (like) feature the best answers can easily be seen by other users. In the case where plugin is used to get best answers, it would be very nice to have an option for admin to set "duplicate content filter on/off" so that if user types an answer that is the same as an existing comment, the website will let them know the content already exists. and other Stack Exchange question/answer sites are a good example of this type of functionality. And you'll see that it creates very useful efficient content that is helpful for other users.

So, for example, if similar answer or content already exists the user can simply go to the existing answer/content and vote it up. Rather than just submitting a duplicate answer which ruins the quality of the comments/answers by creating redundant content. In the settings, the admin can select an option such as "show user existing comments that match X words" as they type. So if admin selects show matching content after 5 words or more, then it will show users any existing posts that have identical matching words of 5 or greater.

What do you guys think about this idea?


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Please always use the community for free wpDiscuz plugin support. Here we only support paid addons. 

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