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Comment live notifications

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Hello, I read on one of the forum topics that you were working on a Live update plugin so users can get real time web notifications of replies to their comments.  Every topic is at least two years old, and you did say you were working on an addon.  We are in the process of moving our comment platform from Disqus to WPDiscuz, not being able to receive web notifications is a major deficiency to us.  Is there anything happening with this addon?  Thanks.   

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Currently, we've developers the Comment Bubble Live Update feature. Please read this doc:

Also, we have plugin customization and custom addon development services at the gVectors Team. They can assess the work and create it for you. Just contact us via sales[at] email address and send a list of requirements you'd like to have.

Please note all questions related to the free wpDiscuz plugin should be asked in the forum. Here we only support issues related to paid addons.

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