wpDiscuz 7 Beta Version is Released!


Today, on 01.20.2020 we’re excited to release wpDiscuz 7 Beta 1 into the wild!
The version 7 has been in development since December 2018. About one year of hard work is ready to be tested. It’s hard to believe it’s been so long since our last major v5 release, but sometimes good things are worth waiting for.

Try wpDiscuz 7 Beta 1

Live Update on comment moderation  


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11/06/2019 1:45 am  

Hello, I love the feature that allows new comments to automatically appear with Live Updates, but I'm wondering whether there is a way to make comments disappear automatically too?

I have added front end moderation, it would be great if once a comment is removed or unapproved it disappears when the feed does it's next Live Update.

Is this possible?



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11/06/2019 11:10 am  

Hi @rocreativeuk,

Thank you for using wpDiscuz and wpDiscuz addons. 

I've already asked this question to add-on developers. I'm waiting for a response from them. I'll update the topic once I get some news for you. 

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12/06/2019 1:34 pm  

Hi @rocreativeuk,

We've added this feature in our to-do list. We'll add it in near future releases. 

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