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Jetpack slowing down wpDiscuz  


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03/04/2019 8:56 am  

Almost a month ago I posted here complaining of a time delay on posting a comment. In short, it would take five seconds or more from the time I  pushed the "post comment" button to the time  the comment would actually show up in the comment section. 

After troubleshooting I found out the problem was the Jetpack plugin. So I contacted Automatic and they helped me troubleshoot the problem further. It turned out that the "Enhanced distribution" module was a big part of the problem. I disabled that module and the delay fell to around 2-3 seconds. 

I then disabled all the other modules to see if I could get the delay any smaller, but I could not. It was still the same at 2-3 seconds.

I then disabled the Jetpack plugin completely and the delay went away completely.  Posting a comment was immediate, with no delay.

I contacted Automatic again but they said they could not help any further. They explained saying "once the modules are all disabled, that's essentially disabling Jetpack". They then suggested I contact you guys for further troubleshooting, noting that the problem must be with wpDiscuz because if all the modules are disabled, then Jetpack isn't the problem.

I'm not sure I completely agree with their logic, given that if I disable the Jetpack plugin the comment posting becomes immediate. It would seem to me that something is still there even though the modules are all disabled. However I'm not a developer so I'm probably wrong. 

I w0uld just keep Jetpack disabled completely, but unfortunately I need it for stats and a few other things. 

The bottom line: I'm not asking for you to help me troubleshoot this further, as I am quite content with the comments posting at 2-3 seconds. However you may be able to duplicate this problem based on what I've given you above and find a resolution in your own testing  and development of wpDiscuz. However, if you do already have a solution or any ideas, I'd love to hear them. 



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03/04/2019 2:06 pm  

Hi Brian,

Yes, sure we're going to check this and try to find some solution. I'll update this topic once I got some news for you. 

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