Disable email notifications for comment replies?  


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22/02/2019 5:53 am  

Is there a way to set email notifications for top level comments only and not their replies or children?

If there isn't a setting, can anyone point me towards where the emails are being sent in the plugin code to see if I might be able to modify it? [disclaimer: I know we shouldn't tweak the core of a plugin]. I really just need to allow people to get all the top-level comments but not every individual reply.

Or in the future, maybe we could get an add-on that sends an email summary? Thanks!

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22/02/2019 5:04 pm  

Hi @extrasmalldesign,

I'm sorry, but there is no option for this purpose. If you're a developer you can use the following wpdiscuz_email_notification hook and make these changes.