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wpForo exif metadata on avatars

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The symptom is that avatars uploaded in the Profile editor in wpForo that were taken with a cell phone are showing up sideways. The problem is that wpForo is not using the exif metadata attached to the picture to orient the photo properly. This seems to be an upload issue since wpForo respects the orientation of the same picture uploaded to the profile editor (using the User Avatar plugin that I installed). Now that I mention it, the stock Wordpress Uploader may not handle the exif data for Avatars. I'll have to check into that.

edit: Wordpress doesn't have a built in Avatar system. The "profile pic" in the user editor is being pulled over from the wpForo plugin. That does make me wonder if the wpForo plugin will use the User Avatar uploader now that it's installed.... probably not, but worth a look.

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