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function call to assign wpForo user role?

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Hi team,

As always, stellar product, fast, efficient and reliable!  Love it!

I am wondering if there is an acceptable function call in wpForo, to assign a user a new primary wpForo based role?

I am working with wpFusion, and when a tag changes I need to "change the wpForo role".

I don't want to sync with wordpress roles, for many reasons - so I am looking for an available function call in wpForo to get this done.  It would be nice if there were an API callback for this.  I am sure I am not the only one that could use this functionality (nearly everyone using wooCommerce would need this too I think).

Thank you kindly,


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Joined: 4 years ago
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Found the code in wpf-hooks.php line 2521  wpforo_update_usergroup_on_role_change

however, cannot call that function UNLESS the sync flag is turned on.

I guess, what I am looking for is an additional optional parameter on the end of the call:

$ignore_sync_flag = 0  (default)

pass in a zero, and it means "look at the sync flag feature setting"

pass in a one, and it means: "set the role regardless of the sync flag feature"

I think, that would make it much more usable, then I could turn off the forced sync feature, and call this function to change a users' wpForo user group.

Thoughts?  (i've pasted the updated code below that would make this work the way I describe)

function wpforo_update_usergroup_on_role_change( $userid, $new_role, $old_roles = array() ,$ignore_sync_flag=0){
if( wpforo_feature('role-synch') || $ignore_sync_flag==1 ) {
$user_ug_id = WPF()->member->get_usergroup( $userid );
$role_ug_ids = WPF()->usergroup->get_usergroups_by_role( $new_role );
if( !empty($role_ug_ids) && is_array($role_ug_ids) ){
if( count($role_ug_ids) > 1 ){
$prime_ugid = array_shift($role_ug_ids);
if( !in_array($user_ug_id, $role_ug_ids) ){
WPF()->member->set_usergroup( $userid, $prime_ugid );
WPF()->member->set_usergroups_secondary( $userid, $role_ug_ids );
$groupid = current($role_ug_ids);
if( $groupid != $user_ug_id ){
WPF()->member->set_usergroup( $userid, $groupid );

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