"First Unread Post" / Unread / Read signs - Feature Request  


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07/03/2017 3:36 pm  

Hi there, I'm currently testing wpForo and I like what I see, but there is one big feature not available that I know my community would hate to miss if I would switch: "Jump to last unread post" on a user base.

Is this something that's currently planned? The best implementation would be to have a small arrow (or similar icon ;)) after the topic title which brings me to the first unread post so I can continue reading from where I left off.

I would also like to see instantly if I've already read a topic or not and if there are new posts or not. I'm using a plugin based for bbpress on my current forum to achieve this, if you want to take a look:  https://www.gaming-universe.de/guf/board/videospiele/gaming/

Please let me know if this is something you want to do or that is already on your roadmap, as I think it's a very important addition to any forum software to enable a good user experience.







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