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01/08/2019 6:45 pm  


we are currently working on the error messages that Forums Censure provides to users when they commit an unauthorized action, e.g. posting an unauthorized URL.

These unfortunately appear on a white page, not in the normal layout, without any instructions for the users or a step back link. What also doesn't make it any easier is that the error text can be formatted in the input mask somehow, but these formatting are not shown on errorpage, so for example all carriage returns are removed. HTML doesn't work either, so you can't build your own back-step link - and the necessary, longer explanations are combined into a single, hard to read paragraph.

It would be nice if we could make improvements here, WPForo is a 100% professional, good software, but this part is a little bit off.

If there is a documentation somewhere on how to design these error messages more professional, I would be very happy about a hint!

Thanks, Bernd

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02/08/2019 1:33 pm  

Hi Bernd,

I've already asked this question to add-on developers. Please wait a bit. I'll update this topic once I get response from them.Β 

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03/08/2019 11:52 am  


Thanks, I'll be patient πŸ™‚

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05/08/2019 11:33 am  

Hi @berndg,

Thank you for your patient.

The white page you've mentioned is the default WordPress page. And the error messages also come as native WordPress error messages.

As far as the plugin is not designed spatial for wpForo it also has an integration with bbPress so well need to make sure if we change the core code it'll work fine. At this moment we won't be able to make this one work, but we'll take into consideration for future development plans for sure.

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05/08/2019 4:36 pm  


Thanks for the answer. Yes, I know this looks like normal Wordpress error messages. That's why I dislike it for our users. In this way, Wordpress will, for example, indicate serious technical errors. But does this page have to be used within a forum for normal users?

This is not very helpful for user guidance, so we lose users who leave the site at this point because they don't understand it - and we generate endless questions from other users who don't understand it and which then have to be answered manually.

It would be nice if the handling of these error messages could be put on the programmer's stack in the near future. This would make WPForo even better and more comfortable.

Thanks for that!


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