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My background: From 1999 to 2012 I built and operated the biggest internet forum for physicians at that time in Germany, wrote everything line of code together with a programmer in pHp and mySQL line by line. Things that we can install today simple and fast in minutes with such a good software like WPForo.

Currently I am building a new project, especially with WPForo, and have the following suggestions for extensions:

Minor things:

- Specify certain functions depending on the role to give the admin more possibilities. For example, we won't allow external links due to the European legislation, because every linked website has to be checked down to the last page, which the editors can't do. At the moment this means that the admin is also blocked if he posts a checked link. This is inconvenient, even if one can help oneself by first allowing the posting of links, then writing the article and then banning the posting again. The same applies to pictures etc..

- If links are prohibited, then there should be an additional function that replaces the posted link with a text, such as "Posting links is not allowed, it has been removed automatically". This would save some work and would give the user a quick feedback and educate him.

- Dashboard: Moving the link to Forums Censure from the settings to the other AddOns will be clearer.

Bigger Things

In most forums you can usually have 90-95 percent of the users write without having to intervene. The remaining minority needs permanent control, because you never know when they'll go crazy.

This means that you also have to be able to control on your mobile phone. But that's awkward with the WP dashboard.

We had solved that in such a way that each new forum posting released an email to the admin, who was on duty. The email contained the following:

- The title of the new posting
- The posting itself (all as plain text)
- A link to the posting
- A link that contained a parameter that made the posting invisible immediately - to edit it later.
- A link that contained a parameter that approved the posting.

This made mobile editing much easier and faster and saved a lot of work, not only on the mobile. Maybe you can use this suggestion for developing something similar or better.

Furthermore, I had already suggested this and it has been seen by your team, the error messages are not very nice if a user has posted a forbidden link or a forbidden picture or word. It would be nicer if the admin could edit them better and they would appear in the general layout or like the other status messages.

Thank you for this excellent software and kind regards,


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Which was also very helpful: Only selected persons were put to moderation.

Most users write reasonably, only a few visitors are not always in control. We could put these nerds individually under moderation, their texts did not appear immediately online, but remained hidden until a moderator released the text.

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