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Show Custom Field in REgistration E-Mail  

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I'm having trouble getting the custom field to appear in the email that's sent to admin upon new user registration.

My Settings are

Screenshot 2018 10 03 Member Fields ‹ Signum Solutions — WordPress


Screenshot 2018 10 03 Settings ‹ Signum Solutions — WordPress(1)

This is the email recieved.

New user registration on your site ********:

Username: *****

Email: ********

Company: [user_company]

What is it I'm doing wrong?


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Hi Lasikie,

I'm sorry, but there is no way to add custom fields values in email templates yet. We've already added it in our to-do list, We'll implement it in near future release.

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This is a real irritation. one of the reasons I purchased this was to be able to send custom field data to the admins when a user registers as it's essential for our university programme. 

Any idea how it will be before you add this feature because if it's going to be a while I'm going to have to drop everything wpforo and switch to another solution.

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This feature was removed from our to-do list. Because this implication caused a lot of issues with other plugins. In general, user registration and account creation is a part of WordPress core. wpForo only provides a registration form. wpForo is the same WordPress registration page with different design and URL. 

However, I've already requested the add-on developers they'll provide you some PHP code for you very soon. I'll update this topic once I get a request from them. Please wait a bit, I'll update this topic asap.